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Resources For Residents Impacted By the Virus

Dear Valued Resident, The other day, we sent you an email outlining what we are doing to help during these uncertain times. If you've been impacted by the virus, here is a list of resources that you can and should take advantage of. At DASMEN we care about our residents and are always thinking of ways to help!

Charities & Food Banks If corona has affected your ability to secure basic needs, please visit sites such as Salvation Army and United Way. They are raising disaster recovery funds that help connect those affected to food, healthcare, and housing resources. Additionally, contact local food banks in your area if you need assistance finding food.

Collecting Unemployment If you’ve recently become unemployed, you should visit the Department of Labor website to see what benefits you are eligible for. Disability, Workers Comp & Family Leave You can apply for wage replacement if you become ill with COVID-19 or if you are caring for a sick family member. Please visit this website to review the laws in your state.

Companies Hiring Now! Even with worldwide uncertainty brought on by the Coronavirus, employers are ready to hire talent for vital roles. See who's hiring near you.

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