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Resident Assistance Information

Dear Valued Resident,  To help serve our residents we are staying on top of all resources available to you. We would like to share some of the programs those that have been financially impacted by the virus should learn more about and take advantage of.

1) Unemployment: If you are unemployed, you can apply for unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits are now $600 per week to July 31, 2020. Click here to apply for unemployment

2) Housing Programs: If you've experienced a loss or reduction of wages and currently participate in a housing assistance program such as section 8. You should contact your local housing authority or rep to see what can be done to provide assistance during this time. 

3) Stimulus Checks: The United States government will be sending out checks to all qualified citizens before the end of the month. Qualified single Americans will receive $1,200, married couples will get $2,400, and parents would see $500 for each child under age 17.

4) Tax Refund: If you haven't filed taxes yet, you can file now to get your tax refund at a time extra income may be harder to come by.

5) Call 211:  211 is a universal number (similar to 911 and 311). It serves to connect those in need and the appropriate community-based organizations and government agencies.

6) Useful Links

- Learn more about benefits you may be eligible for: Benefits Finder        - Search for free or reduced-cost services like medical care, food, job training, and more: AuntBertha.com      - Operation Home Front for Veterans and Military families: Operation Home Front - Find local food banks to so you don't need to worry about your next meal: FeedingAmerica.org   - Looking for a job? There are a lot of companies looking to hire! You can start your job search online using listing sites such as Indeed.com          

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